Are you running more than one account per proxy? Stop now!


Are you running more than one account per proxy? Stop now! If there’s one piece of advice I can give you about Instagram Marketing, it’s to never run more than one account per IP.

I know, I know… practically everyone seems to think it’s safe to run two, three, heck – even four accounts per proxy and, while you may not get banned right away, I’m going to explain why spending that tiny bit extra to give each of your accounts a unique IP is worth it.

Firstly, I want you to understand how Instagram sees your accounts when you run them on the same proxy. Fair enough right, you might have a sister, maybe some friends round. That’s all normal in the eyes of Instagram, right? No. Not in the slightest. Granted, if you were a normal user logging into IG, it’s not that uncommon to be sharing your connection with a few people. But you’re not a normal user.

Your accounts are following and unfollowing hundreds of users every day. Your account is most likely showing activity at all hours of the day, and you never follow anyone for more than three days. Either you’re incredibly sleep-deprived and addicted to social media, or you’re using some sort of automation tool to grow your account.

Instagram aren’t stupid people – they can see right through you. While I already explained why Instagram relies on automated accounts to keep it running, there’s a very fine line between automating a high-quality account and coming across as a spam operation. I’ve been running hundreds of Instagram accounts for months now and in that whole time, I’ve only had to verify around five accounts. Do you know why? It’s because I stick to a strict set of guidelines, which include only using one account per proxy!

Like I said, Instagram ain’t stupid. They may let you get away with running multiple accounts per IP, but they sure as hell know that you’re not a real person and they’re going to reward you with more frequent email verifications, phone verifications, and bans. When proxies can cost less than a dollar/month each, what real reason is there not to buy more? Stop being a cheapskate.

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