Why Your Instagram Engagement Decreases over Time


Have you ever wondered why your Instagram engagement rate starts off so high but dips down as soon as your account starts to gain traction? Don’t worry, it’s nothing that you’re doing wrong… probably.

Instagram is rife with bot accounts. We know this. In fact, I recently wrote an article explaining why Instagram relies on bot accounts to keep it running. While there are other factors that contribute to the expected decline in engagement, it’s actually bot accounts that are to blame.

You see, automation bots like MassPlanner and FollowLiker are constantly scraping Instagram, looking for accounts that are posting to certain #’s (This is done for a few reasons that I’ll go into at another time) meaning when you post a picture with relevant hashtags the hundreds of bot accounts using automation tools, in your niche, will automatically like your picture.

To begin with, these automated accounts make up a very large proportion of your likes giving you an impressive engagement rate, however, as your account begins to grow in size the number of bot accounts liking your pictures becomes less and less significant, slowly contributing less and less to your engagement rate as time goes on.


Here’s a little graph I came up with to visualise what I’m talking about. Usually, you’ll notice a little boost in engagement after a few days of posting, due to some account owners filtering out accounts with low followers in order to avoid wasting time engaging with inactive accounts.

There are other factors that contribute to most accounts’ decline, such as Instagram favouring smaller accounts, but for the most part, it’s the trend that I have explained above. I can almost guarantee that the vast majority of your followers when you start a new account are automated accounts.

Don’t go and block them though, you can actually use the trick that I mentioned here to increase your follow-back ratio, and combine that with the trick mentioned here to increase your engagement rate at the same time.

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